• What I do

    Direct. Produce. Write. Manage.

    I’ve worked both sides of the street, as a network executive overseeing production and as a creative. I’ve managed budgets, story, production and people from both points of view. I've produced in 9 countries and in 11 languages. I am a mentor and teacher, a director and storyteller.




    Three years ago, Dr. Jess Ting had never met a transgender person, now he's a leading gender reassignment surgeon in the U.S.

    His story chronicles the evolution of an uncharted medical process, alongside the emotional and physical metamorphoses of some of his extraordinary patients.

    'Transformation' aims to take us past the stereotypes to redefine what it means to be transgender, and what it took to convince someone it was the right thing to do.



    A group of young civil rights attorneys takes on a municipal Goliath, Harris County, Texas, to end the unconstitutional practice of money bail for misdemeanor crimes. Using the framework of a hearing in District Court of the Southeast Division of Texas, the film tells the story of how bail perpetuates a system meant to punish only the poor, and explores the profits at stake for those who benefit from it without regard to how effective the practice is.


    Coming Back with Wes Moore

    3-part mini series for PBS

    Co-Executive Producer, Director, Writer

    An intimate and authentic look into the lives of ten veterans who served overseas since 9/11 and are now readjusting to the lives they left behind. Hosted by combat veteran and New York Times bestseller Wes Moore, “Coming Back” humanizes the struggles of our veterans and celebrates the victories of this group of extraordinary people. Managed teams of producers, identified characters, shot in the field, oversaw and structured episodes and edit, wrote script, available through PBS.org

    John Walsh Investigates: Abduction in the Heartland

    a one hour pilot for LifetimeTV

    Co-Executive Producer 

    Three harrowing stories examined by the man who understands the intricacies of abduction from the inside.  Oversaw the hour: identified stories, managed 3 teams of producers in the field and in the edit room, wrote script.

    ABC News Beyond Belief on OWN

    a 10-part series featuring Wes Moore as host

    Senior Producer, show runner and writer

    Wes Moore hosts a news magazine show, themed around jaw dropping stories through an Oprah lense. (Launched on Nightline in Primetime, summer, 2011)  Oversaw development, reporting and post of original stories, acquisition material from ABC (shows are 50% repack, 50% original) and assembling of full hours as well as studio open & wraps.

    Serving Life

    A feature documentary selection for the premiere season of Oprah's Doc Club

    Executive Producer (with Forest Whitaker)

    Four inmates are tested at every turn when they train to be hospice volunteers at a Louisiana maximum-security prison. As a patient takes his last breath, can they face the unexpected challenges of tending to one of their own? Fully Hands-on: controlled all aspects of production, lived in the prison while making the film, raised $775K budget and managed it. Won Christopher and Humanitas Prizes.

    Point Made Films

    In 500 Words or Less


    The Prep School Negro

    Collaboration with Director Barb Lee on a searing and personal examination of trans-racial adoption. Took the project to Tribeca All Access where I connected with Andre Lee and Point Made stepped in as Producers of his project The Prep School Negro.


    As Director of In 500 Words or Less I and my team spent a year following 10 students through their senior year as they applied to college. The film features four of the ten remarkable stories. It's been touring schools nationally as a tool for parents and their college-bound teens. 


    ABC Daytime

    All My Children, One Life to Live

    Director of Programming

    Director of Development


    Creative liaison for network with Executive Producer, producers, Head Writer and writers.  

    Oversaw story development (long term projection, weekly lay out, scripts) Developed talent by identifying writers and directors, teaching the form and mentoring them into contracts on shows.

    Negotiated contracts, projected annual budgets, troubleshot day to day production elements.

    Worked with ABC online, marketing and advertising groups

    Identified new talent

    Created and managed writer and director development workshops

    Trained, placed and mentored writers, directors, ADs.

    Developed bench strength on creative teams

    Developed two Internet dramas (The Open Road/David & Joe Borgenicht) and The Blue Goddess (Ian Kerner)

    Developed reality and serial programming (creative team--The View; The City)

    Discovery Networks International/TLC

    World Birth Day

    World Birth Day: Delivering Hope

    World Wedding Day

    A ground breaking collaboration between the international Discovery Networks and TLC that examines the medical and cultural story of birth, and the cultural and social story of marriage. I oversaw all aspects of production, booking, reporting, creative and team management for 3 two-hour doc specials, each shot in 14 countries, on five continents made to air internationally on Discovery networks, and TLC.

    Featured on Oprah, delivered record highest numbers for a special on Discovery.

    Field work in Africa, Vietnam, China, India, Argentina and Brazil.


    Native advertising State Farm, Little Kids Rock

    ABC News Primetime Live Off-air reporting, editorial producer.

    National Geographic Channel International "Secrets of the Super Cities: New York" Director

    a 1-hour HD portrait of the mass transit infrastructure for

    Voom and Direct-TV "Ultra HD Rio" Director/writer/producer

    a 1-hour doc on Rio de Janeiro, seven stories on the wealthy playgrounds of Rio (told through English speaking locals) designed to show off HD. Cast in Rio, directed in the field and oversaw all aspects of post in NY.

    National Geographic Explorer "Covering Terror" Field Producer

    Produced interviews with Charles Sennott and John Miller for various hours on journalists at war, both of whom met Osama Bin Laden prior to 9/11.

    TLC "Date Patrol" Producer

    Style "Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?" Show Runner/Series Producer

    14 episodes of brides vs. wedding planners produced in 6 months. Oversaw production and post, rewrote scripts.

  • theatre

    Trained at the Yale School of Drama, I have served as a dramaturg at Yale, as Literary Manager for Manhattan Theatre Club and the Kenyon Festival Theatre, 4 summers at the Sundance Institute and for the commercial theatre production company Warner Theatre Productions under Claire Nichtern.


    My production of Emily Mann's "Still Life" moved from the Salt Lake Acting Company to The Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh where it won a Fringe First and was moved to the Donmar Warehouse and subsequently to Riverside Studios in London.


    I staged 9 events for Brian Greene at the World Science Festival (2011-12) including projects at The Metropolitan Museum of Art with Nobel Laureates Roald Hoffman and Harold Varmus; at Three Legged Dog with James Watson; and at Cooper Union with brain scientists collaborating with jazz musician Pat Metheny. In 2017- Spotlight: Women in Science, Standing on the Shoulders of GIants: A Tribute to Sylvia Earle and 12 hours a day for 3 days on climate science in Times Square.


    My most recent stage collaborations have been with Anna Theresa Cascio and Doc Dougherty on "Broad Channel" and "Home Invasion."

  • Samples

    A varied career with a single goal: engaging an audience in a story.


    One of my CUNY PhD students lived in a tiny clapboard house in Broad Channel, Queens. Just under the flight-pattern into Idlewild Airport - now JFK. When I first drove there in my old VW, I thought I was driving into a wetlands area. Everyone seemed to have at least a rowboat tethered on canals back of their houses. Most of the good folks I met there were shanty Irish, with scant aspirations of earning midtown Doctorates in Theater. But Doc Dougherty has now wonderfully recreated a wild young Irish-American, growing up slightly absurd among other confused, crazy, even criminal teenagers of various ethnic backgrounds. This is both hilarious and sad. Doc drafted this memoir with Anna Theresa Cascio. As he performs it, it sound very much like a Lived Experience.

    Science and art

    Music. Improvisation. Spontaneous creativity. How does the brain do it? In the world of improvised music, eighteen-time Grammy award-winning jazz guitarist Pat Metheny is a legend. We took a live tour of his masterful musical mind at work as he performed and engaged in discussion with leading scientists who are also all musicians. Through performance and conversation, the program explored the neurological processes underlying improvisation and what they tell us about human creativity and the structure of the brain.


    Serving Life is the first OWN original documentary airing on the network. Narrated and executive produced by Academy Award® winner Forest Whitaker, the film takes viewers inside Louisiana's maximum security prison at Angola, where the average sentence is more than 90 years. The prisoners within its walls are the worst of the worst—rapists, kidnappers and murderers. With prison sentences so long, 85 percent will never again live in the outside world. Instead, they will grow old and die in Angola. Serving Life documents an extraordinary hospice program where hardened criminals care for their dying fellow inmates. In doing so, they embark on a journey that may end in personal rehabilitation. Directed by Lisa R. Cohen, the film is produced by Oprah Winfrey Network. Executive producers are Forest Whitaker, Molly Fowler and Nick Stuart. 

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